Mehul Choksi Row: Barbara Jabarica breaks Silence

Barbara Jabarica, the alleged girlfriend of fugitive diamantaire Mehul Choksi, detailed Mehul Choksi's plan to flee to Cuba on Wednesday.


TNI Bureau: Barbara Jabarica, the alleged girlfriend of fugitive diamantaire Mehul Choksi, detailed Mehul Choksi’s plan to flee to Cuba on Wednesday.

Barbara revealed to ANI in an exclusive interview that Choksi had assured her that the next time they would meet, it would be in Cuba.

According to Barbara, “”Well, he never used words like escape or shared with me such a plan like this. However, he did ask me twice if have ever been to Cuba, he also told me that next time we may meet in Cuba. He never explained the escape plan but I’m certain that Dominica is not his final destination but if you ask my opinion, can be more and more certain that Cuba could have been his final destination.”

A point to recall is that Mehul Choksi claimed in a recent complaint to the Antiguan Police Commissioner that he was attacked by eight to ten men while he was on his way to visit a woman called Barbara Jabarica, with whom he claimed to be friends.

She told ANI. “He gave enough hints and messages like yacht and if he goes to other islands in Carribean or Cuba So there is something that he must be planning for later stage, that’s my opinion also. He was doing a lot of meditation and like last month someone visited from New York and they have their own guru and they did meditation and he also told me this on Sunday during breakfast meeting that he is practicing to not to have any feeling of fear and then on that day you have this kidnap situation.”

The aforementioned assertion by Barbara reinforced the theory that Choksi was intending to flee to Cuba, but his family and attorneys dismissed it and countered that he was abducted, accusing Barbara of arranging Choksi’s abduction.

Reacting to this Barbara said, “This week onwards I’m trying to catch up with media and all the news, I’m hearing and reading lot of crap and insane stories. By looking back at what they initially said what the lawyer and wife said at the beginning believe he said he was driving down in Jolly harbour. He was on the way to dinner. think that was the first statement and they blamed Antiqua police. A bit later they started with Indian agents, who wanted to kidnap him and again later, the idea was that he came to my apartment, I lured him. forced him then he was honey trapped by a person or police he knows,

Choksi further claimed that Barbara refused to assist him as he was battered and thrown onto a small watercraft. He said that the way she handled herself obviously demonstrated that she was a key player in the kidnapping plot.

Barbara acknowledged that she had breakfast with Choksi on the day he was supposedly kidnapped, but she had to leave for the airport soon after.

Barbara said, “You can call the restaurant. They can confirm that the last time I saw Mehul Choksi was on the 23rd morning. We went, we had a breakfast meeting, we had coffee and then we got back to the Jolly harbour area at 11:30 am or maximum 12 mid day. After that we said good bye to each other, even though he was insisting, he was convincing me why don’t I extend my stay and stay longer. But I told him that I have business to do, I have to go to another island and I can’t just stick around all the time in Antigua. So, that was the last time we talked and since then even when I was in Europe our conversations and chats were more of weekly”.

Barbara has been charged with abduction and torture by Choksi and his attorneys. They’ve also accused her of conniving with men of Indian origin.

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