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Inkaar – A Complete Review

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TNI Bureau: ‘Inkaar’ presents a sexy story but it is not all about sex. Both Arjun Rampal and Chitraganda Singh looks fabulous onscreen, but still the outcome is sluggish. The story revolves around two most ambitious characters who want to reach to the zenith, yet tenderness for each other has already touched their hearts amidst the sweet tussle.

The story homes other notions like emotional approaches and feminine ambitions as well as sexual harassment of the work place. Certainly, the Sudhir Mishra directed flick is for class audience.

The story – Maya Luthra (Chitrangda Singh) hails from a small-town who comes to Mumbai in search of a career in the advertising world. She is gorgeous and beautiful and so wants the best in the office. Discovered by Rahul Verma (Arjun Rampal), CEO of the company she starts to climb the ladder step after step mentored by him, but finally tries to trap him alleging that the CEO sexually harassed the babe.

A few years later when she is back in the city as one of the board of directors of the company, there is a clash of ideas and egos between them. The sexual harassment case reappears but the allegation was sweet, sexy and the case was a tough one, where you simply cannot take one of the sides.

Though the climax seems to be slightly ineffective, but the progression was really entertaining. In some way, you can categorize it as a corporate movie, but it has many more approaches beyond the four walls of a company.

Performance wise, Arjun Rampal is superb and Chitraganda is more than average, but both of them together share some really mesmerizing moments on the screen.

We appreciate Sudhir Mishra’s direction for presenting the story with such caution and balance. He presents two characters from both the gender but does not become partial to either of them. Both of them have their own arguments for their ambitions. Also, the story is not a stereotype Bollywood movie, rather it has experimented with new notions like, unlike many Hindi movies the film does not cast an ambitious women with no morals. Also it is commonly seen that the male character only longs for sex. But here there is a twist, which may amuse you.

Music by Shantanu Moitra in the film is neither overpowering nor below standard. But it goes well with the visual for sure.

Cinematography, editing and background score have nothing much to contribute as this is a story based film, which revolves all around the two lead characters and the audience only wants a mere smooth presentation of every scene.

In whole, though we cannot grade the movie as an outstanding one, but the film certainly is worth watching.

Director – Sudhir Mishra

Starring – Arjun Rampal, Chitaganda Singh & Dipti Naval

Our Rating – ***and half stars out of 5.

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