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Family prepares Mass Suicide Video in Rajasthan

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The country where legends used to inspire youths and brave soldiers have set examples, people in 21st century still believe in superstition and commit mass suicide in search of God. Such incident took place on March 25 in Sawai Modhopur’s Gangapur city in Rajasthan where five members of a family including three children were found dead after consuming poison with a belief that Lord Shiva will come in human form and save their lives. The entire episode was recorded by a professional freelance photographer, who was the key behind the mass suicide.

Kanchan Singh recorded every moment of the day for proof to show Lord’s visit to his home. He was also part of the ritual that led to death of the family. The 30 minute video shows the family conducting ritual yajna to meet Lord Shiva. However, neither God appeared nor they came out of the blind belief. Finally, the 8-member family consumed poison.

The video showed that the family consumed poisonous ladoos as Prasad. Singh’s nephew Sandip was also present during the ritual. However, he was saved as he had left for Delhi for urgent work. Even Singh had gone to see him off at the railway station. After he returned from the station to home, he and his family consumed poison. His niece Rashmi whose marriage was scheduled on April 12, took the poisonous ladoos thinking that her wedding will be held in heaven.

The entire incident came to light after Rashmi rushed to her neighbour after taking half a laddoo. The family members were taken to the hospital after police rushed to the spot. However, five of them died on the way and three were struggling for their lives in two hospitals in Jaipur.

It can be noted that the Superstition led to the death of five people. Police said that the family bathed the Lord Shiva idol 3100 times with human blood over the past five years. They were using syringes to extract blood. They conducted havan offering many eatables like PIzza and Sandwich to Lord Shiva so that they would get Darshan.

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