Facebook Debate on Weekend Shutdown; Your Views Here


Facebook Debate: What’s your take on Odisha Government’s decision of tightening the curbs like Saturday-Sunday shutdown in 11 districts and Night Curfew from 7 PM instead of 9 PM?

Your Views:

Laxminarayan Kanungo: Night curfew from 9 PM to 5 AM would have been better after 69 days of national lockdown. It seems most of the governments suppressing the +ve figures. If governments do not hide the facts especially about community spread, corona can be defeated earlier, because citizens will be more cautious.

Dr. Rashmi Ranjan Sahoo: I think it’s good because we, the people will never learn from our mistake. Govt is now option less to allow few things. But people take everything for granted. They don’t use mask, don’t follow social distancing. So this is required. Only step out if you are really in need. Unless stay at home.

Umasankar Sahu: I appreciate the decision taken by our State Govt. Not only June, I would request our Govt. to make it (Weekend Shutdown) compulsory till the end of 2020. It is needed now. People must not drag it in to politics.

Akshay Kumar Rout: It’s all knee jerk reaction. No logic or scientific basis on imposing shutdown; it would only create fear psychosis.

Kailash Behera: It’s ridiculous to tighten shutdown on certain days and make merry on other days. Doesn’t that mean that the virus is dormant only on two specified days? When we are heading towards herd-immunity, imposing night curfew is meaningless too. The Govt should educate people on preventive measures like social distancing, hand washing etc rather than imposing it only on certain periods to flatten the curve and it should continue till invention of medicine/vaccine which is expected towards beginning of the coming year i.e., 2021.

Tapaswini Udas Das: Very good step by Odisha government… 7 PM to 7 AM curfew strongly acceptable… even spiritual and academic org also need to be closed for a long term where we can’t maintain social distancing…

Chetan Agrawal: All is good, but keeping schools, colleges closed till July 31st looks little harsh. School can be open only for seniors ( like from Std 8 to Std 12) . Colleges can be open with 30% attendance at least from July 1st . Education is getting hampered. Government should reconsider its decision.

Anil Mattoo: Odisha is one of the few states doing fantastic job. Restrictions are required now because the Labours are coming from other states to their hometown, which is a risk factor if not tackled properly .

Shishir Gamang: It’s a good step because when I spoke to a few people not maintaining social distancing outside a tea, pan and food street vendors.They told me that they won’t catch corona virus because they are neither old or are having any disease. If people in Bhubaneswar think like this, you can imagine what rest of the people in Odisha understand.

Abhinna Kumar Hota: It’s absolutely undemocratic, arbitrary, whimsical and authoritarian. It will not serve any purpose excepting enhancing people’s woes.

Suman Kumar Panda: Govt of Odisha is over possessive to keep its citizen protected and maintain its top position in Disaster management. Unless the people of Odisha are well educated to deal with the pandemic, no matter how tight the rules are, things are not going to change. We have to understand this virus is here to stay for a year or two.

RM Padhi: Restriction should be only in containment zones.

Pradeep Kumar Panda: Absolutely Correct Decision. COVID19 pandemic is spreading at a lightning fast rate. In few days, number of cases in Odisha has crossed 2,000. Lockdown is the only way to tackle this pandemic. Through these Lockdowns, Odisha’s cases and death rate are lowest and below National average.

Annan Verma: Good decision in view of the fear of community spread.

Educare Nabarangpur: We have started to live post Covid world. The initial lockdown and restrictions have helped people to understand the virus and take preventive measures. Now it’s time to remove all restrictions and put all the efforts on sensitizing people. Continuing and applying these restrictions will have other repercussions that would be difficult to manage.

Sanjay Kumar: Real CORONA fight starts from June onwards….

Ranjan Kumar: Govt should control the areas having infection.

Shakti Prasad Palo: Actually govt officials never had a habit of prolonged working. So they are acting funny in their decisions.

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Shrabana Kumar: Odisha Government is fighting well against COVID-19…We should support the decision.

Sk Mujibur Raheman Mujib: This decision can’t stop covid 19.

Priyaranjan Samal: We may stop spreading of Corona by enforcing shutdown in the Weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) as massive movement and marketing are recorded on these days. There should be a Sunday shutdown across Odisha. Schools should reopen for Class 9 and 10. Classes should start for +2 second year students too. Education system is badly affected. We may reopen the educational institutions by following social distancing norms.

Dev Kumar Gouda: I strongly support this decision.

Gitimaya Nanda: I don’t agree with the decision of the State Government.

Biswwaraj Nayak: The Govts,both central and state,should have worked upon COVID-19 as soon as it caught international media attention. Because of that slackness,we needed the lockdown. Lockdown is neither a cure to Covid nor a strategy to stop its spread permanently. It just can delay the spread and by flattening the curve, it gives time to the Govt to improve healthcare facility. After two months’ lockdown, does the govt need more time to prepare strategy and to improve healthcare?

1. What’s the effectiveness of a lockdown from 7pm to 7am ? An extension of business hours by two hours ( till 9PM) could have increased business volumes. People generally go for shopping after the business hours.
2. Business activities generally go up during weekends. Forcing a shutdown on every Saturday and Sunday is a way to kill business. How would it help in stopping the spread ? Do these virus only get active 24hrs on WEEKENDS and in between 7pm to 7 am on WEEKDAYS.

3. Today or tomorrow, COVID is going to get over. How would you change the study pattern of students ? Your arbitrary , baseless approach is going to hamper their studies. It’s going to change the behavioural pattern of millions who are going to carry the baton of future legacy.


1. When you are boasting of large number of recoveries, then do make your way of treatment public ! What medicines are being given to the COVID patients ? What kind of treatments are they being administered upon ? Can those things be provided at home ? How many of them are recovering because of only CONSERVATIVE MANAGEMENT ?

2. Why the govt is maintaining a secrecy in dealing with COVID patients ? Are they suffering from Sexually Transmitted Diseases ? Make their names public. Let the media talk to them. Their experience may help many.
3. Do few vested interests willfully wish Corona to stay longer ? Business opportunities ? Opportunities for high scale Corruption?

4. In the absence of vaccination, how would you stop the spread ? The day you shift the lockdown, it will again spread its fangs. Can you shutdown everything forever ?

Anyway, people, may they be migrant labourers, farmers, small business class, employees of unorganised sectors or their family members, are going to die. If ever Corona kills them, the death will be less painful than their suffering caused by the reckless policies. Do a favour that never do any favour to us. Leave us on our own, please!

Ayas Das: What is the scientific logic behind this decision best known to Bureaucrats? Have they consulted health experts?

Gyan Ranjan: Govt of Odisha took the right decision at right time. Now it’s upto the state to control the spread. We need to now balance the economy, hunger and health care. We must create more and more awareness how to live while protecting the self from COVID 19. We must improve our infrastructure to face COVID like situation now and forever. We need to think for more innovative ways to continue with working from home and online classes. A change in mind set is required.

Sibasis Mohanty: Good move sir , spread is increasing and let’s take a precaution . A lockdown on weekend will not turn the tide. With Monsoon on radar, at least people will not move on streets unnecessary during the weekends.

Ashok Kumar Gembali: Unless last migrant labour reach home & complete his quarantine period this restrictions must be implemented. Our weapon is PREVENTION only; remember this.

Soubhagya Ranjan Mohanty: The decision taken by the Government in view of the larger interest of the citizens, is welcome as the Chief Secretary had referred to balance between life and lifestyle. Citizens have to be more sensitive. But, the decision for 2 days shutdown should be re-examined.

Sabyasachi Mishra: These people not revealing the fact. It seems figure is much higher than the declared figure.

Jyotirmaya Nanda: Yes, it’s the right decision.

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