Creating enchantment through arts: Priyanka Sahani

In a world full of cosmos, art is the only escape.


TNI Bureau: In a world full of cosmos, art is the only escape. There are artists who speak through their arts and then there are artists whose arts speak their own languages. She is the perfect combination of both. She gives her soul and of course some extra aesthetic to her arts. Her arts sing a thousand songs but with one tune, that she gives to them.

Presenting Priyanka Sahani, the art Dutchess, who’s art empire is no longer a secret to the people of Odisha.

Be it Lord Jagannath’s portrait on grains or T20 support art, she has amazed the people in each and every way. From a miniature artist to now working on a granule art, the artist’s creations are well enough to keep anyone spellbound.

Hailed from Kendrapara, Priyanka’s childhood was in the chest of KBK areas. She used to paint when she was in her pre school but didn’t have that ambition to become an artist. Software fellow by profession but an artist by passion, she has a record of a tons of arts which are dedicated to the “Bada thakura”.

We were eager to know her art saga from her face only, so here how the interview went.


Do you remember, exactly when you decided to become an artist?

Yes, very clearly. It was right after my father passed away in 2020. I went into huge depression, I was suffering from insomnia. I thought let’s spend these times investing on something. As I used to paint in my childhood, so I planned to give that a shot. And it worked. When I saw people appreciating my arts, that’s what encouraged me a lot to focus on it more and more.

What inspired you to reach where you are right now?

My own experiences. I couldn’t just accept the demise of my father, but that’s when I started growing immense faith on Lord jagannath. I had like started worshipping through my arts. So I’ll always thank maha prabhu for bringing me to the fore.

How do you describe your arts?

My father’s love mixed with each of them. I can connect to him through my arts. Since I was very close to my father, and I am into arts right after he left so I always think, he is in my arts pushing me to paint more, create more.

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How do you manage your office chores and your arts together?

Difficult I can say but yes it gets easier with time. As I’m a person who doesn’t like to sit doing nothing not even for a second. I love to keep myself occupied with stuffs so it definitely is a plus point as now I can focus on both.

What is this artist’s other fond-of activities? 

Well, I love dance. And I have penned many write ups and there are 10-15 anthropology books have also published of mine. So yeah I do these things also.

How does it feel when you see people complimenting your arts?

(Chuckles) it feels good obviously but at the same time it gives me a kind of blessed feeling. I feel happy and I work on more good stuffs to create a good art. I’ve got a number of calls and messages from many reputed personalities, IAS’, people from out of the states who order my paintings or give me certain instructions for a certain art so it definitely makes me happy. Extremely happy.

Ever received any negative reviews? How you deal with negativity?

Yes, everyday. Not really reviews but I can say comments like- she is pretty that’s the reason her arts are being sold and many like this so they are really upsetting. No one sees the creator’s beauty or how does she look. Everyone sees how’s the creation. I don’t let those remarks make me sad or something. I shut them with my arts. So I work more passionately. And I always stay positive towards everything.

From this session, one thing was clear, Priyanka is extremely devoted to Lord jagannath and pours her heart on her father’s memories. She is not only a marvellous artist but also a strong soul who has learned how to deal with every problems in life, that to at a very young age.

Her arts might make a person awestruck but her strong personality is quite inspirational for all of those aspiring hearts who are struggling to date.

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