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Celebrities Who Made Big Buzz in 2012

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By Himanshu Guru: Some celebrities of Ollywood created big buzz this year for their performance in the film. While Veteran Actor/Director Prashant Nanda returned with a bang, the young heartthrobs also did not leave any stone unturned to entertain Odia film lovers. Truly, many of them proved that their quality of performance is not inferior to Bollywood. Among the male leading actors, while Anubhav tried to maintain his superstar image, many cine fans believe that the year was for Arindam.

Sidhant Mohapatra was only in discussion as he grabbed the State Film award for ‘Eka Eka’. In the female lead category, audience enjoyed the contest between Archita and Barsha, but Archita claimed more acclamation as she received the State award for ‘Chocolate’. In singing, Ira and Tapu maintained their positions. Let us have a glimpse on the individual achievements of the celebrities, who made big buzz in 2012.

Prashanta Nanda – The homecoming of Prashanta Nanda, who can be truly epithet as the Raj Kapoor of Odia film Industry, amazed Odia film lovers in 2012 and it was again proved that he is the best even today. Nanda, the Bhishma Pitamah of Odia film directed ‘Thukool’, which grabbed the Best Director and Best Story award along with the awards in two other categories in the State Film Awards. The Actor turned politician reappeared in the industry and again proved his indomitable aptitude. Prashanta Nanda is the leading brand of Odia Film Industry, who is reigning Ollywood since last five decades, who only took a break for some years when he entered politics.

Archita Sahu – Archita made a big buzz after receiving the prestigious Orissa State Film Award for her performance in ‘Chocolate’ last year. The actress can truly be epithet as ‘born to entertain’ since her graph is moving constantly in an ascending pace. Being at top of her career Archita should be a girl, full of attitude and stardom, but no. Recently in an interview with TNI, she wanted to advise the emerging actors to not to run behind fame, but to focus on work. In year 2012 she acted in films like ‘Kebe Tame Nahan Kebe Mu Nahin’, ‘Thukool’, ‘Shapath’, ‘O My Love’, ‘Raja Jhia Sange Heigala Bhaba’. Currently she is working for ‘ACP Sagarika’, where her role is like that of Angelina Jolly, who shoulders the film herself.

Papu Pom Pom – Papu pom pom alias Tatwaprakash Satapathy, came with a bang in the movie ‘Rangila Toka’ this year. Papu has been working in Ollywood since 2005 but year 2012 offered him a new boost as he was cast in the male lead in the film. This was a new experiment for Odia film Industry, where a comedian was put in the pivotal role. And interestingly Papu shouldered the responsibility quiet well. He earned more popularity then veterans like Sidhant Mohapatra and others in the film.

Arindam – Some people are of the opinion that when it comes to the male lead, year 2012 was the time for Arindam. He starred in three films, namely Gud Boy, Raja jhia sange hei gala bhaba and Parsuram and grabs a place for himself amongst the Odia cine lovers. His sturdy physique and action scenes were largely discussed with a special focus on his Martial art aptitude. He is not a newcomer now, but an established star in the top bracket to demand his share of audience from others.

Anubhav – After the era of Siddhant Mohapatra, undoubtedly Anubhav is the superstar in Odia industry. Maintaining the stardom, he appeared in films like, Something something, Matric Fail and ACP Ranveer. In ACP Ranveer, he shared screen with Pradip Rawat, (Gajni fame) from Bollywood and also maintained his image. We talked with film fans who provided poles apart opinions about Anubhav. While some described Anubhav to be the current superstar of Odia film, some said he was just Okay in 2012 and Arindam superseded at certain places. Yet, it is for certain that all his films created a buzz.

Barsha – Ollywood diva Barsha Priyadarshini was the top female actress in 2012 according to some film fans, who wanted to keep Archita after her. She appeared in the films like ‘Something something’, ‘Matric Fail’, and ‘Parsuram’ in 2012.

Prakruti Mishra – Prakruti is another name that came to discussion this year. She appeared only in ‘Thukool’ but much appreciated for her role there. Later, she made a big buzz with her performance in ‘Om Sai Ram’.

Siddhant Mohapatra – Sidhant Mahapatra, who is also a Member of Parliament besides being an actor, created buzz after getting the State Film awards 2011 in the best actor category for his performance in the film ‘Eka Eka’. Sidhant must be appreciated for simultaneously managing the two big responsibilities together this year, one as a Politician and another as an actor. He acted in Rangila Toka and some other films this year.

Ira Mohanty – Ira Mohanty is a  versatile singer of Ollywood who is reigning the Odia film Industry for last two decades. The timber of her voice allows her to sing a variety of songs. While she can playback for a child, she can perform Pop, romantic and folk versions with justice. In year 2012 she created buzz after getting the state Film award in the best singer (female) category (2011) for  ‘Mote bohu kari nei jaa’.

Tapu Mishra – Tapu Mishra gave voice in a number of films in 2012 including ‘Idiot: I do Ishq Only Tumse’ and earned wide popularity. But she became the talk of the town for her appearance in the singing talent haunt show ‘Voice of Odisha 2’ as one of the judges.

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