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Akaash Vani – A complete Movie Review

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TNI Bureau: ‘Akaash Vani’ is not a film about broadcasting but it undeniably is a film to be broadly cast in the heart. The film is a saga of love between Akaash and Vani, the male and female pivotal characters of the film respectively. Director Luv Ranjan has beautifully presented the tale that includes love, sacrifice and emotion.

Recall Luv Ranjan, the director who had managed to draw together enough applause from his directorial debut only through ‘Pyar Ka Punchnama’. And taking one pair out of his earlier film, what experiment he did came out real successful. It is true that we have seen many romantic movies earlier, but still there is some fresh approach in the film. The treatment is proper.

The story begins with Akaash (Kartik Tiwari) and Vani (Nushrat Bharucha) setting out for the St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University. As usual they come across in the college and after some incidents fall in love with each other, but not openly revealed. By nature both of them are poles apart. While the girl is a calm one from Dehradun, the boy is a smarter one to adopt any trick to make his work done.

For long it was not clear whether Akaash also loved the girl as well. But hats off to a scene in the bench of a railway station in a cool night. The scene is awesome and much emotional, which also certifies the acting caliber of both of them. Yes, they are superb and the other supporting casts too. After the college days boy goes to a foreign country for further study and girl accepts her destiny by marrying to the boy whom her parents recommend and so sacrifices her love. But heart has always its own proposition. And even after a span of 3 years there was love for her ex boy friend Akaash in her heart. The story concludes with usual note.

We could not like the story because it was perhaps the mostly taken subject in a Bollywood film, but still the directorial work cannot be blamed. Acting of all artists including the pivotal characters and the supporting characters like veteran actor Kiran Kumar, Sunny Nijjar etc. are nice. Kartik and Nushrat are superb no doubt.

Cinematography by Sudhir K Chaudhury is awesome. Some beautiful frames in the film take one to the dreamland. In other words, what we see in a dream sometimes has beautifully been portrayed through some scenes.

Hitesh Sonik’s music is average.

In short, Akaash Vani falls in the must see category if you don’t bother about the story.

Director – Luv Ranjan

Stars – Kartik Tiwari & Nushrat Bharucha

Our rating for the film – ***and half stars out of 5.


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