5 Rivalries That Can Grab Your Attention During ICC T20 World Cup

Cricket has long been recognized as an aggressive sport, therefore antagonism between the two sides is unsurprising. When two opposing teams take the field, the fun of the game doubles and their vengeance against each other on the field excites spectators. Cricket is a game that is always played on a give-and-take basis. Because one side wins and the other loses, the competing teams work hard to beat each other.

Cricket rivalries are fascinating because they captivate the audience and ignite the game. This results in exciting odds. If you are wondering what it looks like right now, you can check the best betting odds for T20 World Cup on odds sites. With that said, here are the top rivalries for the upcoming ICC T20 World Cup.

West Indies vs England

The West Indians, once known as The Black Storms in the early 1980s and 1990s, are no longer as dangerous as they once were, but their rivalry with England is crucial. Greig did not forget his statement after the West Indian Team trounced England 3-0. He confessed to crawling on his hands and knees in front of the fans after the last test match at Oval Cricket Ground.

Pakistan vs New Zealand vs England

The Pakistan-New Zealand rivalry is new and has no historical roots, but in the T20 World Cup 2022, both countries will play as rivals against one other, and this encounter will be one of the most fierce in the major event.

The rivalry between Pakistan and New Zealand began recently when the New Zealand squad traveled to Pakistan on a tour and returned just minutes before the first ODI owing to security concerns. Since then, tensions between Pakistan and New Zealand have risen, and the Pakistani squad is eager to defeat New Zealand at the World T20 in 2022.

The English Cricket Board, on the other side, recently declined to send the England Cricket team to Pakistan after they returned from New Zealand. As a result, this year’s Pakistan vs. England encounter will be a heated cake, as Pakistan will strive to respond by defeating England in the major event.

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Australia vs South Africa

Australia and South Africa’s rivalry is one of the most exciting in cricket history. This rivalry began in the last decade and has evolved into one of the most intriguing fights between two cricketing titans of the contemporary age.

Australia and South Africa compete in practically every sport, and the rivalry is fierce in all of them, but cricket is on another level. South Africa was the first team in sixteen years to defeat the Kangaroos at home in 2008 and 2009. During this trip, both the Proteas and the Australians performed admirably, heightening the rivalry between the two sides. Later, in 2011, the Australians played a spectacular game in South Africa, chasing 300 unanswered points to tie the series.

England vs Australia

England and Australia’s rivalry is one of the oldest and fiercest in cricket, not just during the World Cup. This rivalry began in the nineteenth century when some enraged supporters at the Oval Cricket Ground burned the bails and collected the ashes as a reminder of a Test match in which England lost. The next day, an English newspaper said that English cricket had died and that the ashes had been carried to Australia. Since then, every two years, both teams have competed in a series of five test matches known as The Ashes Cricket. The Ashes are currently held by Australia.

Pakistan vs India

This competition needs no additional explanation. India and Pakistan are cricket’s two most bitter rivals. Cricket matches between Pakistan and India draw over 300 million spectators worldwide. When the two teams face each other, the tension between the players and the spectators is palpable, and players on both sides go to great lengths to change the game in their favor.

The India-Pakistan rivalry began during the partition in 1947, and both sides played their first match in 1951. Since then, the rivalry has grown, and we’ve seen some exciting matches.

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