Yuvraj of Congress gears up for “Bigger Role”


Editor’s Desk: When AICC General Secretary Rahul Gandhi announced on July 19 that he would play a bigger role in the party and government and a decision was already taken, the Congress leaders and cadres rejoiced despite the fact that Rahul always ruled the roost even though he was not in power.

The Congress leaders always wanted Rahul to take up the responsibility, but he preferred to maintain a low profile. But, now he has realised that it was the right time to take the plunge and lead the party from the front.

Rahul’s surprising statement coincided with the Presidential Polls 2012. Earlier, there were speculations that Pranab was elevated to Raisina Hills so that Rahul can take the charge from Manmohan Singh when the time comes. And, Rahul announced his decision to play active role in the government on the day when the Presidential polls were underway.

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The BJP reacted cautiously and asked wasn’t the role played by Rahul Gandhi in Uttar Pradesh active and big. The party asked him to clarify what exactly he is going to do and whether he will now be answerable to the decisions of the Congress. It is being speculated that Rahul would join the Cabinet in August during a possible cabinet reshuffle. Some other sources believe the Gandhi scion could be elevated as the Vice President or Secretary General of the party.

There is little doubt that the Congress Party wants Rahul Gandhi as the next Prime Minister of India if it comes to power after the 2014 general elections. Even though Rahul’s magic failed to make any impact in Uttar Pradesh, which forced Salman Khurshid to say that the party had seen just cameos of Rahul Gandhi’s thoughts and ideas and that the party was waiting for him to weave these into a grand announcement, the Congress still wants him at the helm.

AICC General Secretary Digvijaya Singh, who has been a staunch and vocal supporter of Rahul Gandhi had also urged Rahul to take larger role in the party. After being emotionally “accused” of being non-serious, Rahul finally decided to step in and show the world he intends to do more than a cameo to revive the lost pride and reputation of the Congress Party. It would be interesting to see whether people of India would give him thumbs up or a cold shoulder.

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