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Baghdadi – Enemy of Humanity

By Sharmistha Sahu: The wives of Al Baghdadi mourn his death. They believe that he was a great religious leader who brought about many reforms for them and their religion. They vow to complete his ‘mission’ and are willing to die doing…

India News At 11 AM @ July 6

1) At least 200 Indians arrived in India from Iraq this morning. 400 more people will return home over the next 48 hours, as the situation has gone out of control in the strife-torn Iraq. 2) As the BJP is reluctant to confer the…

India News At 10 AM @ July 5

1) A special Air India flight carrying 46 Indian nurses and 137 others from Iraq, landed in Mumbai this morning. The nurses, who were released by the ISIS militants, will fly back to Kerala later today. 2) Leander Paes and his Czech…
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