Shriya Mishra levels allegations against Humane Sagar

In a surprising turn of events, Playback singer Humane Sagar and his wife Shriya Mishra’s marital conflict took a new turn on Sunday when the latter claimed the well-known playback singer had tortured her while intoxicated. Additionally, Shriya made hints at a potential reconciliation if her husband Humane Sagar granted her the status of wife and accepted and loved her for it.

Shriya claims that Humane Sagar regularly beat her after drinking, and that this abuse got worse after their daughter’s birth.

“Humane used to beat me because I locked the bottles in a cupboard and prevented him from drinking. Despite the torture, I never told anyone about these events, as he used to apologize. He (Humane) didn’t feel any affection for his daughter, though. The entrance of a third person caused their marriage to break down, said Shriya without going into much detail about the “third person.”

Regarding prior allegations of conversion, Shriya stated today at a press conference that although her mother-in-law objected to her decision to wear the Bindi, Sindoor, and other articles, her in-laws “never forced or tortured me for religious conversion.”

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Shriya’s father had previously claimed that the well-known playback singer had multiple affairs and pressured Shriya to convert to Christian.

Shriya went to the Mahila Police on Tuesday and accused Humane Sagar of torturing her physically and mentally. The couple was then invited to counselling in order to resolve the issue peacefully. The next counselling session is expected to be held on January 30.

“They (the in-laws) drove me out of the house; therefore, they need to make an effort. I have faith that everything will get back on track. I’ll hold off until January 30,” Shriya said.

Humane’s mother had earlier said, “Whether it be land or cars, everything has been purchased in Shriya’s name. We have never asked her to change her religion since her 2015 wedding. These claims are completely untrue.

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