Sabara Srikhetra: A tale of Tribal Devotion

Lying in the womb of Koraput district, the divine place holds a novel of mystery.


Content Idea By Prashant Sahu:  Sabara Srikhetra in Koraput is considered the most important temple of Lord Jagannath, next to Puri. Lying in the womb of Koraput district, the divine place holds a novel of mystery.

It is not only built as an altar for worship, but also as a multipurpose area for Jagannath consciousness. Jagannath consciousness is the main theme of Jagannath which can not be confined within the limits of a traditional religious theological order, because it is a cult (or even a philosophical system).

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The Jagannath temple in Koraput was built in 1972 and the practice of pulling the chariots started after consecration of the temple. Since then, the Trinity is taken in one chariot to Gundicha temple.

On October 2, 1977 an election was held to manage the Sabara Srikhetra.

Sabara Srikhetra
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After 1988, other shrines of goddesses were built inside the temple premises which doubled the charm of the Srikhetra.

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Every year, wearing their traditional costumes, the tribal pull the chariot to Gundicha temple, which is 200 metres from the Jagannath temple.

Sabara Srikhetra
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The Srikhetra car festival here shares one thing in common with the Puri Ratha Jatra. Lord Jagannath carries as much religious significance for the tribal devotees in Koraput as in Puri. Here, the Lord is worshipped as ‘Daru Brahma’.

The famous temple also has an Ananda Bajar, a Sabara Sanskruti Research Center, Sabara Srikhetra magazine to sing the saga of Jagannath culture.


Sabara Srikhetra
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