PM Modi hails NCP and BJD MPs for conduct in Parliament


TNI Bureau: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched a “political coup” today while addressing Rajya Sabha to mark the 250th Session of the Upper House. Modi openly praised NCP and BJD MPs for their excellent conduct in ensuring smooth functioning of the House.

PM later tweeted, “Today I want to appreciate two parties: @NCPspeaks @bjd_odisha

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These parties have wonderfully adhered to Parliamentary norms. They have never ventured into the well. Yet, they have made their points very effectively. Much can be learnt from these practices”.

PM’s statement is seen as an open invitation for the NCP to join the NDA fold amidst the political crisis in Maharashtra. BJD, which has been maintaining a very cordial relation with the BJP at the national level, may or may not bite the bait. But, this is a significant statement from the PM, which may have far reaching political ramifications.

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