Pari Murder Case: Who will pass the Judgement?

Public Trial in the case, may not serve any purpose.


TNI Bureau: Trial in Media and Social Media notwithstanding, the judgement will be passed on the basis of a thorough investigation backed by evidences. All arguments will fall flat in the court of law if they lack credibility. But, are we in a position to pass a judgement and influence the public opinion?

Discrediting IPS Arun Bothra, who is known for his quick response and philanthropic activities via Twitter, won’t serve any purpose. He is being accused of reading  the scripts. Those who know him, may agree that he won’t put his credibility (he earned during his 22-year-old career) at stake just because of this case.

Everyone knows Nayagarh Police showed dereliction of duty and ignored the crucial evidences in the case. SIT is trying to fix those loopholes and connect the dots. However, our pre-conceived opinion as “Experts” may not serve any justice to this case.

If Pari’s family doesn’t trust the SIT probe (read police), they have a point. They had to run from pillar to post seeking justice, but their plea fell on deaf ears. The Government woke up from the deep slumber only after they attempted self-immolation outside the Assembly. It won’t be easy for them to trust the police or SIT probe. It’s for the SIT to come up with more evidences and reassure the parents that justice will be delivered to their kid.

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When the SIT is explaining all scientific evidences in details, do we have the expertise to reject them outright? Aren’t we becoming too much judgemental here? Shouldn’t we wait to see things getting unfolded instead of jumping the gun and becoming the subject expert?

Some questions have raised whether an 18-year-old youth can fool everyone for long? Why not? Remember the Ryan International School murder case in Gurugram in 2017? The Bus Conductor was charged with teenager Pradyuman’s murder and jailed too. But, later, a 16-year-old student was found to be the real culprit following CBI investigation.

Creating a perception to stay ahead of others, has become a common phenomenon these days. Whether political parties or media houses, they fall prey to that syndrome. However, those who debate on valid points and raise pertinent questions, gain credibility in the long run.

In this volatile atmosphere where ‘Justice For Pari’ remains the common goal of all, let’s wait and watch how things are unfolded. At some of point of time, we need to exercise restraint instead of passing our own judgement based on narratives and perception.

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