Measures to prevent Covid-19 during Winter

Covid-19 Impact


As the winter season is approaching, the risk of catching infections is also rising. This year has been very difficult and depressing due to the pandemic situation across the world. People have been fighting the virus for the past few months and still, the situation hasn’t really improved.

In fact, the situation can worsen during winter. The cold weather and low temperature can be harsh on people. In winters, it will be much easier to catch a cold and flu which ultimately means lowering down of immunity. And people with lower immunity are much more prone to the Virus.

Though the scientists across the world are working hard on the vaccine. But still, there are very low chances of vaccines being distributed among people anytime soon. So, taking care of ourselves is now of utmost importance. It’s not really a big task, just some small measures can provide you with better immunity to combat Covid-19.

Warm Water

Start having warm water more in the Winters. Even if you catch flu or cold, warm water can help your body revive faster. Though it may not help you in preventing Covid-19 completely it can help you with sore throat and coronavirus also affects the throat.

Herbal Tea

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Herbal Tea or Kadha is a drink made of Indian Spices. It can be prepared using spices like Turmeric, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Dry Ginger boiled in water. This Tea is a good immunity booster and is not just for Covid but is also helpful in the common cold and flu.

A diet full of required Vitamins

An incomplete diet is a big reason for lowering down of immunity. It is very important to have all the required vitamins and minerals in your diet. Include fruits, milk, calcium-rich, and protein-rich food items in your daily diet.

Daily Yoga or Walk

Doing some Physical Exercise like 30 mins of Yoga and Walk regularly is really helpful in these tough times. It really doesn’t harm to be a little physically active. Better stamina will only have positive effects on your body during these tough times.

All these steps will really be helpful to everyone of any age to deal with the Pandemic situation. But following these doesn’t mean that you cannot get affected by the virus. These are just the Measures to prevent Covid-19 during Winter and increasing your immunity.

It is still very important to follow Social Distancing, wear a mask, and proper sanitization.

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