Latest Corona News linked to Nizamuddin Markaz


TNI Bureau: With at least 10 people died and hundreds are infected with COVID-19 after attending the Tabligh Jamaat in Nizamuddin Markaz in Delhi, the states have gone into a huddle and identifying people on a war footing.

Here are the lates updates:

👉 2,361 people brought out of #NizamuddinMarkaz . 617 having symptoms admitted to Hospitals; rest quarantined at various facilities by Delhi Government.

👉 Paramilitary forces deployed in Nizamuddin area to enforce 100% lockdown.

👉 FIR registered against 6 people – Maulana Saad, Dr Zeeshan, Mufti Shehzad, M Saifi, Younus, & Mohd Salman in Markaz, Nizamuddin case. Whereabouts of Maulana Saad are not known since 28th March.

👉 18 residents of Lucknow, who participated in Nizamuddin Markaz event in Delhi, have not returned to the city. 24 foreigners who came to Lucknow after the event, have been admitted to Hospital.

👉 Mumbai Police is conducting searches at various locations in the city to locate the people who had attended the Markaz.

👉 Odisha Government has identified 5 Nizamuddin Markaz attendees and quarantined them. More people are being identified. Some from the State who had attended the event, have not returned yet.

👉 22 people from Mallapuram district in Kerala who attended the Tablighi Jamaat, have been placed under home quarantine.

👉 86 residents of Bihar & 57 foreigners who had attended Markaz in Delhi are being monitored. 48 people quarantined. Some are outside the State.

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👉 17 foreigners (Kyrgyz Nationals) and 2 UP Nationals were staying in a Mosque in Patna. They had attended the Nizamuddin event. They are now quarantined.

👉 All the 43 patients tested positive for #COVID19 today in Andhra Pradesh, had attended the Markaz in Delhi.

👉 200 people including 4 from Bengaluru & 5 from Belgaum (Karnataka), who participated in Tablighi Jamaat in Nizamuddin, have been quarantined. Total 342 people from Karnataka had attended the event.

👉 10 people in Poonch district who attended the Tablighi Jamaat in Delhi’s Nizamuddin have been kept under quarantine.

👉 9 people in Puducherry (including 3 from Karaikal) who had attended Tablighi Jamaat meet, have been quarantined.

👉 128 people in Uttar Pradesh, 7 Indonesian Nationals & one each from Kolkata & Kerala who had attended the Markaz gathering in Delhi, have been quarantined. Case registered against the foreign nationals.

👉 26 people of Uttarakhand who had participated in Tablighi Jamaat event at Delhi’s Nizamuddin Markaz, are in Delhi. 173 out of 713 people who participated in regular jamaats at the mosque in last 28 days have been quarantined in Uttarakhand.

👉 4 more tested positive for #CoronaVirus in #Assam , taking the number to 5. All had attended #NizamuddinMarkaz .

👉 54 persons from Nagpur, who attended the Tablighi Jamat meet in Delhi’s Nizamuddin, have been identified and quarantined.

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