Digvijaya & Shakeel – Two Men, Same Agenda


People, who know Digvijaya Singh and Shakeel Ahmed better, would definitely agree that both Congressmen are known for “foolish” talks and putting the party in a tight spot on many occasions. But, they always get away, as some top brass in the Congress endorse their views even as they take a different stand in the public.

Digvijaya-ShakeelThis is clear-cut communal agenda pursued by these politicians, who see conspiracy in any terror activities. They try to become the saviours of the minorities by defending criminals and terrorists. Are they not insulting the Muslims of the country, by equating them with Indian Mujhaideen terrorists and other criminals?

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Does the Congress believe that all Muslims in the country are sympathetic towards the terrorists or Indian Mujahideen. This is not true, but the Congress leaders make people believe otherwise. Soon after the Bodhgaya blasts, Digvijaya Singh had questioned the Intelligence Bureau, Media and BJP for linking the blasts to Indian Mujahideen. For him, it would be an insult to the Muslims in the country, if the terror activities are linked to IM. The Congress disowned his remarks, but took no action to restrain or punish him.

Shakeel Ahmed created a flutter when he linked the formation of Indian Mujahideen (IM) to 2002 Gujarat Riots. He even cited the NIA report. The issue snowballed into a major controversy, which forced him to issue a clarification on this issue. The Congress yet again distanced itself from Shakeel Ahmed’s remarks, but did not crack the whip. It is clear that Congress is stoking the fire with such divisive tactics, which will create further divide in this great nation.

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