Debate on Academic Year 2020-21; Your Views Here

TNI Bureau: Should the Government put Academic Year 2020-21 on Hold for all Students & give age relaxation in Entrance Exams & Jobs to all those affected?

Your Views:

Laxmidhar Ojha: We create rules and we can change it according to the situation. Government will definitely make a perfect condition for students.

Umasankar Sahu: Yes, I observed the system how online study is going on..! It’s completely wastage of time and money this year. Continuous Online study may cause harm for children health. We all know very well how children attend their digital classes from home. Hence Govt. must hold all the students in this pandemic era for one year in their same class and let them attend their 2020 class physically in 2021 education year.. Also for students’ benefits, grant them one year relaxation in written which could be applicable in need of age criteria for any official uses (In all Govt./Pvt. Sectors).

Dilip Kumar Joshi: Yes it should be. There is no time to extend the next academic year. Even the syllabus was reduced by 30% without proper physical class room study; the rest 70% may not helpful for their career. Let the Govt take this seriously for damage control.

Soubhagya Ranjan Mohanty: Education is part and parcel of life. The present scenario is full of ifs and buts… The current academic year has to be changed with syllabus to be drastically reduced taking into consideration prevailing situation which is uncalled for..

Anuj Sahoo: No, we need to ease our education system in a way that nobody suffers from digital divide or shutdown on Education. Using TV channels and supplying booklets to students for assessment, the peer learning model of Delhi government works perfect, where parents are being made teachers to ensure no one is left out. Competitive exams are necessary and Education is necessary so that the economy wheel never stops.

Pradeep Kumar Panda: Definitely. There is no fruitful academic session in this year. One year is added with no utility. Just imagine the condition of M.Phil and Ph.D students. They lost one year and even fellowship is not paid. It’s applicable to competitive exams where there is age limit of 30. Those who are turning 30 this year can’t appear. In some exams like Civil Service, there are four chances. So everyone will lose their chance. This year Indian Economic Service exam was not held. Those who were preparing for this exam and aged 30 can’t give this exam next year due to age limit. It is not their fault. So they should get one extra chance next year. Seriously Government should consider plight of students. Thanks.

Umashankar Satapathy: No, it should be shifted to seven months. Not only academic year, financial year as well. Every year should start with Jan and End in December.

Mamata Sahu: No, we should go forward but yes, 2020 academic year should be considered as the special standard ratings using different methodology.

Simanchala Mishra: Nothing can compensate the damage caused to the career of students, especially the students who were in the final year of all kinds of degrees. Still it will console the children.

Ramesh Mishra: A debate in social media hardly have any impact on the government policy makers. My opinion is no shortcuts in any provision. Rather we should wait until COVID19 situation comes to a little control and then regular & normal academic session be started. Session commencement timing doesn’t matter.

Sachida Nanda Swain: Yeah. That should be done. It will give mental peace to crores of youth.

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Rajesh Tripathy: No that’s not a good idea as scraping the year will have significant psychological impact on everybody. However, age relaxation is required to be given as those preparing competitive are badly affected.

Shishir Gamang: You can only have a life and a career if you are alive.

Acharya Biswa: No, it creates imbalance in society. It adversely affects both teachers, students as well as educational institutions.

Chetan Agrawal: No , wasting one year will take our country a decade back.

Sangram Keshari Nepak: Yes….that’s the only way left….

Bubly Mishra: Yes…

Sandeep Mohanty: Yes.Absolutely.

Jitendriya Raul: Yes, Definitely.

Ajit Dash: Yes.

Prakash Parija: This is the only option left.

Gyan Ranjan: Govt can suggest ways for selecting candidate based on weighted composite score based on 10th, 12th and Graduation marks. Academic marks also to be normalised as different board/universities have different standard. In exceptional cases, interview can be conducted online keeping recording of each candidate in the database for future claim or any dispute over marks. In place of hold, we can always think alternate way of working to move forward.

Ashok Kumar Gembali: Completely agree!

Padmanav Patra: Seems they are gearing up to open the schools now.

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