COVID-19 Vaccine Trials in Final Stage in 3 Countries


TNI Bureau: Some good news for the people, who are eagerly awaiting COVID-19 vaccines. 3 COVID-19 Vaccines are in the final stage (Phase 3 of the Clinical Trial), as per the Union Health Ministry. However, none of them are in India.

👉 The COVID-19 vaccine trials are in final stage in USA, UK and China.

👉 In India, 2 indigenously developed vaccine trials are in Phase 1 & 2 clinical trials. Trial of first vaccine is being conducted on 1150 subjects at 8 sites and second vaccine trial is being held on 1000 subjects at 5 sites.

👉 While 24 clinical trials on COVID-19 vaccine are going on across the world, 141 more trials are still in research phase.

👉 The Union Health Secretary ruled out ‘Herd Immunity’ in India saying it can’t be strategic option in a country of the size and population of India. It can only be achieved through immunisation.

👉 16 States in India have recovery rates of above the national average. Delhi has the highest recovery rate of 88% followed by Ladakh 80%, Haryana 78%, Assam 76%, Telangana 74%, Tamil Nadu & Gujarat 73%, Rajasthan 70%, MP 69% and Goa 68%.

👉 The recovery rate has shown positive trends in India – from 7.85% in April to 64.4% in July.

👉 Fatality rate of 2.21% in India is one of the lowest in the world.

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