At 46, Madhuri still bewitch Her Fans

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Madhuri Dixit is an exception to the normal belief of Bollywood that Heroine enjoys only a short span of time here. The ‘Dhak Dhak’ actress has proved this notion wrong, who still bewitch her fans at 46. The wife of Dr. Nene and mother of two junior Nene(s) should be given credit for establishing this ‘Hat Ke’ theory in Indian Film Industry.

Now, from fans’ reaction towards the dance connoisseur, it can very well be asserted that age is not at all a barrier to rule in the hearts of fans as their ‘dil ki rani’ (queen of heart). Rather look, behavior at public places and performances in films only decide, whether she is still adorable or not. And in these days, the new trend of – appearance of celebrities in TV reality shows has also become popular, where they get a good deal of popularity. Perhaps Madhuri is quiet well at all of these.

Bollywood has so far witnessed a number of woman centric films, out of which a considerable number of them tells the horrible real life story of a Bollywood female lead actor. Take example of Heroine, The Dirty Picture, Om Shanti Om and other films. Mark that in all of these films a common premise has been presented either in the main story or as a side event to the main story that the heroine is rejected only after a couple of films in hardly a span of 10 years.

But alas! the Chandramukhi…. Of ‘Devdas’ is surely an exception perhaps for her 36 wide smile or her attractive dance moves. But fact is that the sweet diva hugged limelight from ‘Uttar Dakshin’ and then hyped in ‘Tezab’ and there was no moving back after that. In the voyage of her acting career as a female lead, she performed in versatile characters.

In Anjam she was just the victim of ego of a rich and proud man, who suffered the worst as a woman. In Ram Lakhan she became daughter of a comical father and fiancée of an opportunist Phaaltu turned Police Officer. And in ‘Dil toh pagal hai’ she was the dream girl of King Khan who became crazy for her, rejecting the other (Karishma Kapoor), who was actually crazy for him.

In the meanwhile Madhuri Dixit took a brief break and turned in to Madhuri Nene. She spent few years strictly as a wife/mother. But good news is that the gorgeous big girl returns and her fans again welcome her with roses in their hands.

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