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Villagers loot ‘Beer Truck’ at Mishap Site

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In a shocking, yet bizarre incident, locals at the Hanspal Square on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar, have looted a ‘Beer Truck’ after it ran over a man in the nights of March 21. It was a “free-for-all” for the locals when they noticed that the truck was loaded with beer bottles.

Even the police personnel were at the receiving end, as the villagers went on a rampage and chased them with beer bottles in hand. The cops had a tough time to control the mob. It took an ACP, two Inspectors and a platoon of police along with the police personnel from Balianta and Mancheswar to drive the mob away.

The chaos started after a truck ran over the leg of a man near Hanspal Square. The driver fled from the spot, leaving the truck on the road. The locals could not find the driver, but noticed the cartons filled with beer bottles. At least 50-60 cartons were looted by the locals, while 20 other cartons were smashed on NH 5. Even people were seen consuming beer with joy and jubilation.

Later, the injured was admitted to the hospital and Bhubaneswar-Cuttack NH was cleared. There was a traffic jam for over one hour after the incident.

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