Prisoners attend ‘Sahashra Jalaabhishek’ in Balangir


TNI Bureau: Prisoners of Balangir District Jail attended ‘Sahashra Jalabhishek’, a massive ceremonial pious bathing of Lord Shiva with 1 lakh litres of sacred water at the Lokanath Temple in Balangir.

They were escorted to the temple by the jail authority to take part in this massive spiritual celebration. The inmates came to the temple performing ‘kirtan’ with ‘Mridang’ and cymbals in their hands and worshipped the God.

As per Hindu philosophy, it is believed that Lord Shiva actually dwells in his own abode during the month of ‘Shrabana’ and so devotees do not leave any stone unturned to gratify the God during this time to avail utmost virtues and blessings. In this context a ‘Sahashra Jalabhishek’ is being performed today at the Lokanath temple.

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‘Sahashra Jalabhishek’ is the ceremonial bathing of Lord Shiva by His devotees with one lakh litre of sanctified water. A huge number of devotees, including men, woman and children took part in this massive spiritual celebration on the second Monday of the sacred month, which day is again measures as an auspicious one. They poured sacred water on the ‘Lingam’ as the main rite of the ‘Abhishek’.

The worship began at 4.30 A.M. in the early morning and will continue till evening. Another requirement of the worship is ‘Hawan’. Here, Dr. N.K.Mahapatra and Dr. Arati Guru have become the ‘karta’ for the ‘Hawan’.

The ‘Sahashra Jalabhishek’ has been funded and organized by the group of devotees including Gopal Pradhan, Tirtha, Darjee, Sonu and others.

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