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Pradeep Majhi seeks Bifurcation of Odisha


Soon after the Congress-led UPA Government cleared the last hurdle for the formation of a separate Telangana state out of Andhra Pradesh, Nabarangpur MP Pradeep Majhi was quick to seek the bifurcation of Odisha and batted for a separate state consisting of areas from South Odisha.

Pradeep_Majhi1“The division of larger states like “Andhra Pradesh” because of providing better administration & development is a noble idea but is that the only solution? What about our state? The coastal side is way better & developed than our region so should we also ask for bifurcation of the state on this criteria? What is your view?”, posted Mr. Majhi on Facebook.

Pradeep wants a new state, which would comprise of undivided Koraput (Koraput, Nabarangpur, Rayagada, Malkangiri), Kalahandi and Gajapati. He strongly believes that would help the region prosper socially and economically. It would be interesting to see how the BJD and other political parties, including the Congress will respond to Mr. Majhi’s call.

It is believed that most funds that come for the KBK are being diverted to other regions such as Balangir. Also, the Koraput-Kalahandi region has been subjected to long neglect and government apathy because of the distance from the capital city. There is a growing demand for a separate Kosal state, comprising the regions from Western Odisha, based on similar arguments. However, the government has never given any importance to such claims. Telangana may change the scenario in Odisha sooner or later.

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