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MPs’ Letter to Obama proved Authentic


In a huge setback to some Indian MPs, including Sitaram Yechury (CPM), V Achutan (CPI), KP Ramalingam (DMK), Sabir Ali (JD-U) and many others, a California-based document examiner, has termed their signature put on the letter wtitten to US President Barack Obama, as authentic and genuine.

Barack-ObamaThe MPs had claimed that they never signed the document and that their signatures were forged. Following that, the Coalition Against Genocide (CAG), which runs the campaign against Narendra Modi, had conducted the forensic examination to ascertain the truth.

At least 65 MPs, including 25 from Lok Sabha and 40 from Rajya Sabha, had written a letter to Obama, requesting him not to change the US policy on Narendra Modi and keep denying him a visa. The letter sparked a national outrage and the MPs drew flak for raising the internal issues with the head of a foreign country. Meanwhile, the US has made it clear it would consider Modi’s visa if he applies for it.

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