Kids’ Day Out: A Day with Slum Children by Humara Bachpan


Bhubaneswar: For Lavina Nayak, a 12 year old girl staying in Science park slum, it was a new experience to see the science magic show at the Regional Science Centre, Bhubaneswar. Though she resides at a close distance of the park yet she has not got the exposure for this. She had no options inside her slum to play and recreate. However, she along with the other 100 children from the same slum visited and had an amazing experience at the Science Centre.

Hamara Bachpan1
It was again a first of its kind experience at Regional Museum of Natural history for Munna alias Subrat nayak of Bisweswara Basti which is very close to the museum. He had seen many children visiting this place and was not lucky enough to experience it. There were a lot of 200 children who visited three must visit places like the science centre, museum and the planetarium with an intention to bring joy among them during this joy of giving week.

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Humara Bachpan Campaign has taken an innovative initiative to ensure the right to play and recreation of the children living in urban poverty. There are near about 300 Children staying in 2 slums (Science Park Basti and Bisweswar Basti) which are situated in the heart of the city and are being surrounded by important places like the Regional Science Centre, Planetarium and Regional Museum of Natural History which witness hundreds of visitors including children every day. But these slum kids are deprived of visiting these places.

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The campaign is facilitating 200 children from these two slums who will spend a whole day in these places which will be followed by special science magic show, science gallery visit, special astronomy show, Environmental film and discussion about Natural history and astronomy. Volunteers from CCWD, IIT and other colleges coordinated the whole event.

“It is noted that many children have never accessed these places. As they are staying in slums with poor living condition and far away from their Right to Play, this is an effort by the campaign on the eve of Joy of Giving week to give them exposure to these places” said Ms Preeti Prada, National Campaign Coordinator, Humara Bachpan.

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