Finding Peace amidst Stress and Chaos


By Himanshu Guru: Stress has become an inseparable part of today’s human life and made it chaotic. This is the stress that causes depression and ultimately makes life hell. Still humans have not stopped searching for solace and peace amidst chaos. In the process, some attain spiritual happiness and many run after something that ultimately appears as mirage or fantasy.

Man is a social animal. This statement provides two implications: firstly, despite any rate of resistance, one need to live inside the social zone; the concept of compromise starts from there. If one can live detached from the society he will enjoy complete peace and happiness, as he would be the sole master of his mind and he will not be forced to take a biased decision about what to do and what not to do. The normal rule of natural justice should be synonymous to this explained status but practically one cannot avail this sovereign condition as he will have to run him in the society.

So, now one may ask, whether the society is completely a chaotic place where nobody can be happy by any means? The answer should be ‘no’ but hard truth is that human race has compelled itself to launch it in such an embarrassing situation. Society is the place which should provide us the juice of life, but unfortunately in present world scenario, several people feel that this is the worst place to live as they are harassed most of the time. To know the reason let us analyze the second implication.

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The second implication is that man is an animal and the type is ‘social’. That means when a man is inside the society he may behave like an animal. Normal behavior of animal is that they do not have any rule, good or bad, because they don’t have a mind to think. One can say they have minds, otherwise how they act as per their master’s direction that we see in films or live circus. Okay, accepted that their mind works up to some extent, but they don’t certainly have a conscience, which can tell them what is good and what is bad. That is why a snake, even after getting affection from a human being, tries to attack him. So, once the tag ‘social’ is detached from the statement, man again becomes humane not animal.

Let us analyze why society has turned in to such an awful place. There may be tons of answers but all of them lead to one common reason – because most of the people do not perform their part of duty. Unfortunately lion’s share of the people does not know what the duty is. The other group although know some of them, don’t want to perform their duty due to self-interest and the other group although interested to perform well, either do not get scope to do so or even they do their part it does not yield any result or impact in the society.

So, in this complex social situation, some of these tips may be helpful. Self-analysis, application of conscience for anything we do, taking time for solitude and finally devotion to God. Out of these, the last one needs involvement in religious activities in the society and self-practices of certain rite to earn peace and satisfaction. But in any case, we should not forget that motto of bending our life to this cause is to make us happy and that should be strictly without harming others and even animals. I have raised this point so hard, as this is the basis of all the current turbulence across the world.

Practically bringing this noble environment to the society is nearly impossible in today’s time but still there is a ray of hope. As we, the people of this world have created such an environment, if all of us will work using our conscience, this cherished state can be revived.

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