Debate on Indian Government vs Twitter


TNI Bureau: In the wake of recent controversies that include crackdown launched by Twitter on Right Wing (RW) handles, protests by the victims, summons issued by Parliamentary Panel on Information Technology and the defiance shown by Twitter’s Global CEO as well as strong stand taken by the Panel aftermath, has triggered the following debate:

What will happen if Government bans Twitter in India?

Your Views Here:

Vijaya Singh: Nothing.

Nirmal Panda: Nothing.

Rajender Raj: Lot of time of Indians will be saved.

Subhasish Chakraborty: Half of controversies will vanish.

Anil Mattoo: Life will be peaceful.

Silvana SC: Use VPN.

Padmanav Patra: It will be good.

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Pabitra Kumar Sahoo: Tik Tok will replace it.

Prakash Mahanta: Indians can live with every kind of ban.

Suchintan Rout: There will be peace.

Rahul Bihani: It will be good for all Indians…time saved…. controversy saved….most of the crap happens due to Twitter post…..But yes few good things will get affected like help done by Indian Railways and foreign ministry for our citizens in trouble.

Sidharth Tiwari: No great loss. But certainly will give opposition the opportunity to squeak for freedom of various kinds.

Tapaswini Udas Das: No effect … for those who belongs to my group type … Don’t use Twitter, Instagram etc.

Surajit Kumar Mishra: There will be peace.

Debabrata Mohanty: Indians will move to Facebook with greater fervour.

Lipsa Rautray: There won’t be any impact.

Simanchala Mishra: Certainly, not before the General Elections.

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