Children as God: Do we Care for our Kids?


By Himanshu Guru: Children are the most precious gift of God. A child bears a virgin mind and heart for which he can be compared with God. He is not notorious, complex and hard to be understood. His thought process, demands and knowledge about society are pure and simple. And to protect his soberness and to keep him away from the dark side of the society, parents need to attend them themselves.

We know, in current days sometimes it becomes impossible for the parents to take care of the baby by themselves, for which they need to surrender their kids to the nannies and ‘Aayas’. But when the option is open, certainly the parents should not ignore the kids.

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him may not perish but may have eternal life”;( John 3: verse 16) – This line speaks so much. Especially during their growing years, parents’ heart should be turned to their children.

Fortunately many people have realized the notion of affection to the kids and hence they try their best to offer maximum time to their children answering the silly and simple queries and for many other purposes. It may be useless for the grown-up people or the parents but this easy step of giving time to the offspring, helps the kid a lot to turn in to a good and complete human being in his afterlife.

We have witnessed the bad impact of not attending the kids in silver screen. From Hollywood to Bollywood several times the heart-wrenching and emotional stories of kids, who had been neglected by their parents, have been presented and all of them have stolen the show.

Recently in Aamir Khan’s ‘Taare Zamin Par’ we came across the astounding story of a silent kid, who had the most precious thing kept in his heart to tell to others, but he was being neglected and ridiculed by the society. The story also suggests that merely putting the kid in a boarding school does not wash away all sins of the parents. In fact many of the parents want maximum from the kid in term of performance but literally ignore the very source of input which is best needed for the kid to prove himself.

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In another film of the eighties ‘Saraabi’, megastar Amitabh Bachchan has precisely represented a loyal and loving son who had been ignored by his rich businessman father. The intentional or unintentional ignorance by the father (Pran) turns the kid in to a drunkard (sarabi) but still the father does not understands the gravity of the situation.

In a current era of selfishness, human being has been accustomed to a routine life. Adding to that misunderstanding about some modern concepts make them behave uglier to their kids. In Indian context, the concept of Nanny, Aaya and crèche is new. Okay, it is accepted that sometimes as the parents don’t have anybody else to take care of their children, they depend on these. But unfortunately some parents think that putting their kids in the crèche is a status symbol. This is most unfortunate.

Eternal truth is that kids want their fathers and mothers the most to be by there side always emotionally and physically. Yet, when they observe that they cannot be attended by the parents, then only they forcibly adjust their mind to be brought up by the nannies, but they always expects their fathers and mothers to practically attend them.

There are certain disguised engagements. More clearly, in many occasions the parents engage themselves in certain works which can either be handed over to others or sometimes those works are totally avoidable. But they think that these works should not be left unattended and making them busy in those works, they ignore their children.

It is time now to rethink whether the works where we are spending time at the cost of un-attending our children, do really need our time or not.

So, in nutshell it can be suggested that it is time now to follow the rule of ‘Love and expect for love’ towards the children. If the parents will give time and attend their children with heart and soul, they are definitely going to garner out of it, lest in the reverse case, why the kid will care his parents who had not cared him in his early days of life.

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