Bilina Pattanaik’s “Tamanna” Comes True

Odia girl Bilina Pattanaik is a new face in the literary world with her debut novel “Tamanna, A Wish”. A management lady’s passion for writing stories will certainly surprise many, but she did it and received a big thumbs up from her fans and readers. To become a novelist might not be her dream, but she occupies a place in the list of young novelists in India. Excellent presentations of a concept and story narration are the two qualities that Bilina is blessed with. In her novel she has beautifully defined every emotion of an ordinary woman through her character “Samedha”.

Bilina“Tamanna A Wish”, is a story of a common but uncommon girl, Samedha, who was very balanced at heart. She waited a long for the man of her life. When asked about her love, she was quick to reply by saying, “God is busy scripting the best love story of the era, once he finishes with it; you can catch me on Love Channel forever. Till that time let me be proud to be a virgin at heart.”

Though Samedha was an independent and modern girl, she had the traditional mindset that “when you fall in love, you ought to get married to the same person.” This was her definition of Sacred Love; the love that she most believed in. The story portrays the Priorities and Uncertainties of Life.

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Bilina Pattanaik is a management professional. She hails from a small town of Odisha named Khatiguda, Nabarangpur district. She is currently working with Fleming India Pvt. Ltd, in Bangalore.  However, her passion for writing and habit of maintaining Dairy gave birth to a writer within her. Although, writing a novel was never her dream, but now she is happy with her new identity as a “Novelist”.

“One of the best moment of my life…inspired me to write this novel”, said Ms. Bilina. The definition of Tamanna (Wish) is something else for the young novelist. Talking to The News Insight, she said, “Tamanna ne zindegi ki godi mein sar rakh ke puchha… Mein poori kab hungi ??? Toh zindegi ne mushkurake kaha… Jo puri ho jaye who Tamanna hi kya…!”

Apart from writing, Ms. Bilina has keen interest in collecting stamps and coins. The novel has gained a huge success in the recently concluded Delhi Book Fair 2013. But the writer will not stop here.  She has a long way to go, as this is just a beginning for her. She will come back with another story for her fans and readers.

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