Amit Malviya vs ‘The Wire’

TNI Bureau: Amit Malviya, the big brain behind the world’s largest political party’s IT Dept and a Member of party’s national executive in a resolute move has planned to pursue criminal and civil proceedings against the media outlet “The Wire”. Malviya‘s said that he will file a case against Media Organization for their fraudulent reporting a Targeting the BJP leader.

The Wire, a website started by American Siddarth Varadarajan, claimed that Facebook’s parent corporation Meta had given Amit Malviya permission to remove anti-BJP posts from Facebook and Instagram. The Wire attempted to gather evidence through the use of forged emails after their original claims were refuted by technical analysis. But when even those claims were shown to be false, The Wire cancelled their reports.

As soon as the reports came out, there was a debate over their authenticity. The reliability of the sources referenced by the wire was also questioned. The Wire editor Siddharth Varadarajan initially defended the piece. Saying that “reports came from numerous Meta sources—whom we know, have met, and confirmed.”

On the other hand, Meta also denied allegations a Meta official, Andy Stone, in a tweet said, “The posts in question were surfaced for review by automated systems, not humans. And the underlying documentation appears to be fabricated.”

Additionally, several other twitter users including Meta’s CISCO also reacted in Favour of Andy Stone and also alleged “The Wire” of being driven towards its agenda in a series of tweets. One of the tweets also revealed “The Wire” fabricating a mail to be written by Meta’s director for policy communications, Andy Stone. Additionally, Meta’s Cisco Guy Rosen also took to twitter to refute the claims by the Media outlet. In one of his tweets he said – “The spoof was set up as a free trial Workplace account under the name “Instagram” and using the IG brand as its profile pic. We’ve locked the account for violating policies and are continuing to investigate”

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Following the retraction of the controversial story The Wire stated in a statement apologizing for the stories said. “To have hurried to publish a story we believed to be reliable without having the supporting technical proof. Independently examined is a failing of which we cannot permit repeat,”

Amit Malviya, who has remained silent during these events, earlier in the day suddenly announced on Twitter, that he has decided to take the case against The Wire to court based on the advice of his lawyers. Malviya revealed that in addition to taking the matter to a criminal court, he will also file a civil lawsuit for damages.

“Tek Fog”, Reality?

According to media reports, The Wire had previously attacked Malviya with false information. The Wire had created the fictional “Tek Fog,” a super software with unimaginable capabilities. On the other hand, Devesh Kumar. A tech expert for The Wire who also contributed to the Meta piece on Amit Malviya. Claimed the Tek Fog gibberish. However, it is yet to be discovered whether the claim by the media outlet is factual or not.

A few tweets from the totally unknown “Aarthi Sharma” Twitter account. Acted as the spark for the development of Tek Fog story.  Accordingly, Twitter account was On April 2020.

The first of The Wire’s two-part investigation on “Tek Fog.” The mysterious app initially mentioned by “Aarthi Sharma,” was released in January 2022. Furthermore, The Wire credited “Aarthi Sharma” as a whistleblower. Further claiming they worked with her for more than a year and a half to compile all the evidence against the BJP IT Cell and Malviya.

The complete piece was based on “proofs” provided by “Aarthi Sharma.” However, “Aarthi Sharma” refused to let Devesh Kumar and Ayushman Kaul of The Wire any access to “Tek Fog.” While, even back then, the BJP denied hiring any “Aarthi Sharma” or knowing anything about “Tek Fog.”

Meantime, Wire’s report claimed that the obscure software Tek Fog app is connected to Sharechat. Moreover, share chat has no connection with the alleged app. Sharechat stated that they are not aware of the Tek Fog app in a statement later added to the report.

After defending both of these stories for days, The Wire has supposedly taken down these controversial coverage. Subsequently, BJP leader Amit Malviya has ended up Sueing the news website alleging that. “They forged documents with a view to malign and tarnish my reputation.”

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