5 Reasons Why OTT Holds The Edge

In the present times, OTT is taking over and here is the reason for the same.

TNI Bureau: During the pandemic, the world witnessed a high inclination of the public towards OTT (Over the Top) platforms as a source of recreation. No wonder the innumerable benefits of the OTT platforms proved the perfect fit for covering up the unfeasibility of theatres.

In this article, we have listed the 5 core reasons for how OTT holds an edge over the theatres these days:

  • Convenience

Synonymous to the “Netflix and chill” slogan, The OTT platforms offer the unmatchable advantage of enjoying content at the comfort of your bed . With its easy portability characteristic, it can be used to consume content anywhere, at any time of the day. The trouble-free mobility of devices for OTT services is something which is a major lack in the traditional approach of television watching or movie at cinema.

  • Easy access

Existence of OTT platforms solves the complications of arrangement of proper cable or satellite connection . The traditional setup is replaced with a system that allows the user to access content simply with the help of a suitable device and an active internet connection .

  • Cost effective

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 One of the prime benefit of using OTT services is their cost effectiveness. The Subscription plans or membership fee of a particular platform gains you access  to unlimited videos at a fixed price which is quite economical.

These price plans are relatively cheaper and thus attract more and more customers towards them who find it highly profitable  against other alternatives like purchasing tickets for cinema.

Besides, there is a wide variety of recharge schemes available for aiding the subscription-based services of platforms like Netflix, Disney + hotstar etc.

  • Wide Compatibility range

            Another significant advantage of using OTT platforms over traditional approaches is their wide compatibility . These platforms easily provide their services on a range of devices. This helps in  watching the same content on multiple devices at the same time  i.e Multiple device streaming is facilitated. OTT releases this week including Drishyam 2, Trial By Fire and Hunters Season 2 were among the most streamed .

  • Rich variety of content

These platforms not only display content present on the television but also provide access to a wider variety of shows and programs. The various OTT platforms go beyond a multitude of categories to bring forth unique and creative content.

Each particular platform usually also consists of exclusive content for their members that adds to their overall worth.


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