Will Twitter crack the whip on Pornography?


Insight Bureau: In India, viewing sexually explicit material in private spaces is not illegal like other western countries. The Supreme Court had also orally remarked back in July 2015 that it cannot stop an adult from exercising his fundamental right to personal liberty to watch porn within the privacy of his room.

Constitutionally, any restriction on the exercise of free speech is required to strictly conform to any of the eight grounds contained in Article 19(2) of the Constitution. In other words, a law can restrict freedom of speech and expression on these eight grounds, which includes “morality and decency”.

A popular platform such as Twitter is seen promoting pornography in the microblogging site these days.

Porn stars and sites are using the site to reach new audiences, with up to 500,000 sexual images posted per day,a investigation found.

Experts warned that there are no controls within Twitter to stop children viewing porn – the site doesn’t ask for a user’s age, and allows any web user to look at content without signing up.

The site also has no restrictions on users posting and viewing explicit images – unlike Facebook.

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Porn’s introduction to Twitter

About a decade ago, tube sites offering free porn took off, and the bottom fell out of the old school porn industry. Around the same time, the democratization of online video production, shifts in the way many people think about sex and sexuality, and a host of other factors led to a spike in the number of people making amateur or indie studio porn — or even dipping their toes into mainstream porn production.

Facing increasing competition for a decreasing pool of paying customers, many porn performers and producers gradually realized that they needed to build strong brands and deep connections with loyal fanbases — to be more connected and personified — to survive or thrive. So naturally, they turned to social media, a tool custom built for that sort of outreach and marketing.

If we talk about India, its in extreme today. Many sites are there to promote these kind of materials. They don’t even hold any contents. They have a millions of followers.

Such accounts are seen in the comment session with vulgar comments and sharing link of adult contents.

For about witter has been by far the most important social media platform for the porn world, if only because it has been the least hostile to it — and to discussions and depictions of sex and sexuality in general. Facebook and Instagram have squeezed nudity, and many forms of sexual conversation, off of their platforms to the point that last fall the former started censoring eggplant and peach emojis in certain types of user posts and conversations.

After Elon Musk took over the microblogging site, it is quite on mind that these things will be soon banned from Twitter. As Musk’s free speech idea, users feel the porn industry to soon be destroyed from the app.

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