Why GenX prefers Facebook for Social Networking


By Himanshu Guru: GenX or Generation X considers Facebook as the vital networking site for various reasons.  The journey starts from the welcome message that says “Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life”. Yes, this is the biggest reason apart from all others that the Mark Zuckerberg site is preferred by GenX more than the Gen Y members or Baby Boomers.

Status is the most important head in Facebook as per the users and updating the status is the basic task that they want to do at par with their minimal change in life. The change includes change of time, place, job, preference, motto, passion for love and the list goes on. If you are even a dumb, just a ‘Good Morning’ at the start of the session and ‘Bye’ at the end of it, may earn hundred of likes and comments.

Have your marked – Before Facebook, status had just a threefold description – 1) Single 2) Married or 3) Divorced. But it is only Facebook which enlarged the definition to provide eleven categories of the relationship status: 1)  Single 2) In a relationship 3) Engaged 4) Married 5) It’s complicated 6) In an open relationship 7) Widowed 8) Separated 9) Divorced 10) In a civil union, and 11)  In a domestic partnership. Thus, openness of the site in the perspective of sexual preference also gathered a lot of users who were earlier hesitant to reveal their status within the geography of just three options.

A normal human instinct is that it wants to convey everything about him to the maximum number of people he can reach. And when it comes to an achievement, the passion is much more. Facebook is the platform where you can tell about you and only you within a very short period and to the whole of your friends (it will pop up in their timeline). Why Facebook and not any other site? The answer is – because, only Facebook has over 955 million active users. I mean the choice is wide.

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There may be only a few instances when hundreds of your friends are ready to listen and watch your performance. The performance may include a concert, a killer speech to enthrall a live audience or anything else, but the chance is limited. Nevertheless, here Facebook comes to your rescue and offers you a podium to perform anytime from anywhere. Interestingly, you will get the repercussion also much faster within seconds through likes and comments which every human desire.

These days most of the business concerns have their Facebook page. So, one can even find a job, publicize his business aptitude and present his keen likeness for a special faculty only at Facebook.

Thus, it will not be wrong to say that GenX has preferred to be introduced with a virtual replica identity to the real one through Facebook.

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