Subsidized Agro-equipments Exported by Middlemen

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TNI Bureau: Schemes after schemes like RKVY, bringing Green Revolution to Eastern India meant for poor farmers have been swiped away by middlemen & more especially the dealers themselves in Balasore district of Odisha.

There is a provision of subsidy amount support for a poor farmer to the ranges between Rs 60,000/for a power tiller & and around a lakh for a farm tractor. However, all such subsidies are mostly shown to be given to farmers and in this process certain corrupt officials of agriculture department in connivance with agriculture dealers are behind such scams in the region.

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Most of these subsidized agro machineries are almost found nonexistent  or supplied to adjacent West Bengal, Jharkhand in cheaper rates it is revealed during a field study. The agriculture dept. here have supplied around 66 power tillers & 26 farm tractors in the names of few farmers which were found availed from concerned banks & stipulated dealers but in practice these were supplied to person of other areas.

DDA Agriculturiest Sudarshan Mohanty told that such lapses have been alleged but he needs concrete proofs to ascertain such ambiguity in availing subsidy by few farmers when contacted. Few agri- machinery stores have been made fortunes by doling out such subsidy meant for poor farmers.

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