Social Media erupts over RGV’s “Derogatory Remark” on Odisha

TNI Bureau: Renowned Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma was heavily criticised over his “derogatory” remarks on Odisha that did not go down well with the Social Media users from the State.

Recently, Ram Gopal Varma had signed Odisha’s Apsara Rani alias Anketa Maharana for his upcoming movie ‘Thriller’. Apsara hails from Odisha, but was born and brought up in Dehradun. She presently lives in Hyderabad.

RGV probably wanted to trigger a big buzz on Social Media, as he knows the power of Odias on Twitter and Facebook. With a large base on Social Media, Odias are his prime target. RGV knows the more controversy he creates, his movie would get more FREE promotion – much needed during the Corona Lockdown.

“Before meeting Apsara,I dint even hear about Orissa since the 1999 hurricane..but after meeting her now ,I realised that Orissa creates all kinds of’s been a great revelation that Orissa has such beauties ..MORE POWER TO ORISSA”, tweeted Ram Gopal Varma on July 6.

As expected, Odia people did not take it lightly. They considered it offensive and derogatory in nature. Social Media erupted to educate RGV on Odisha’s rich culture, heritage and personalities it has produced.

Interestingly, Apsara Rani replied to Ram Gopal Varma, saying “Sir there’s a lot of better talent than me in Odisha but I just got an opportunity… I wish the rest of the country recognises this and take Odisha talent seriously.?”

RGV got what he wanted. His mission has been accomplished. He successfully sold his film “Thriller” in Odisha and got more than 28,000 followers for Apsara Rani who joined Twitter this month only.

RGV esponded with another tweet. And, it’s no different. While getting the spelling of ‘Odisha’ right and acknowledging the talent it has, he yet again gave full credit to Apsara Rani saying she is the reason why one should (including Odisha) seriously look at Odisha!!!

Here’s are some tweets that slammed Ram Gopal Varma during the Social Media outrage:

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