Portrayal of Women in Indian Media

Women Empowerment

TNI Bureau: In today’s world, Television plays a vital role in bringing to us the concepts and beliefs of the society. At an early age, we are exposed to advertisements and TV shows. When we see something on a daily basis, gradually it appears ‘normal’ to us.

We often find in commercials and TV shows that women are portrayed as housewives or the one’s responsible for nurturing by being in the house all the time. The media even commercialises a woman’s body by showing them as ‘thin’, ’fair’, ’slim’ with ‘lustrous’ hair.

These adjectives are used for women in all sphere of media because the society has a set notion for them to be “perfect” and if a woman posesses all those things, she is deemed fit to exist in the society.

Although there is a desire to move ahead of the stereotypes as we grow and evolve, women still have a lot of hurdles to overcome. Their media image is tailored to the preferences of men in higher positions of the industry.

For so long, the media has idealized this “perfect” woman, that women actually started questioning the love for their own selves and went above and beyond to change their body according to the society’s will.

As technology evolved, it made easier for women to hate themselves even more by providing them with surgery options to modify any and every part of their body like Breast Augmentation, Liposuction, and Rhinoplasty etc.

Media has the power to bring reforms and despite the fact that today they associate femininity with independent women, qualities defined by sexuality still play a dominant role in the framing of femininity.

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