Govt Warns Against new e-Challan Scam, Check Details

TNI Bureau: Scammers find different ways and means to loot money from people. Now, they have found out a very different means. They are issuing fake traffic e-challan to loot people. Following several such e-challan scam, the Information Security Awareness (ISEA) by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) have warned the people to stay alert and avoid falling prey to such scammers.

The law enforcement agencies have issued warnings to citizens regarding the e-challan scheme through which deceptive SMS messages designed to mimic authentic traffic challan alerts is sent to the vehicles owners.

The text messages contain links for making payments and when people click on the links their mobile gets hacked and the hackers get access of their all secret details including the credit/debit card information. Thus they loot money and information from the people in the name of traffic e-challan.

Therefore the people need to be aware of the scam and be vigilant to avoid it. The authentic link for the payment of the e-challan is However, the scammers send links like to loot money and information from the people.

The best way to find out any fake government website is that the legitimate e-challan payment links invariably conclude with “”.
Besides, genuine messages will have specific details about the vehicle, including its engine number and chassis number.

Likewise, you need to keep in mind that authentic e-challan alerts are never sent from personal mobile numbers.

The other precautionary measure to avoid such e-chhallan scam is to visit the official government website ( to check whether an actual fine has been issued.

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