Mission to Mars: NASA’s Rover Curiosity lands Safely


TNI Bureau: The continuous efforts to know more about the Mars will be no longer mysterious as NASA’s rover Curiosity reached and landed on the red planet safely today. The Curiosity, which is on the significant mission to Mars, will explore many more things.

A team of NASA cheered and applauded when the spacecraft touched the surface of Mars today morning. “Touchdown confirmed,” said engineer Allen Chen. “We’re safe on Mars.”

Rover Curiosity is NASA’s first nuclear-powered spacecraft that landed on the red plant. The NASA has spent $2.6 billion on the rover, which the largest man-made object to explore the possibility of life on Earth’s neighbour.

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The journey to Mars took more than eight months and covered 352 million miles. The nuclear-powered Curiosity, which is the size of a small car, is packed with scientific tools, cameras and a weather station. It has a robotic arm with a power drill, a laser that can see distant rocks, a chemistry lab to sniff for the chemical building blocks of life and a detector to measure dangerous radiation on the surface.

The Curiosity is likely to send the first colour picture of the planet after a few days.

The scientists have been claiming the possibility of life on the red planet after previous trips uncovered ice near the Martian North Pole and evidence of water that once flowed.

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