Media runs after Gadkari, But Is It ‘Big Deal’?


Editor’s Desk: The TIMES Now TV channel and some other English news channels such as CNN IBN, NDTV and Headlines Today have been airing programmes relentlessly in the last few days to expose BJP President Nitin Gadkari and his business. The TIMES NOW has dedicated its entire coverage to Gadkari. But, are they going in right direction?

Forget about Nitin Gadkari, is there any clean business in India that survives without manipulations, secret operations and hidden strategies? The media has the answer. Even some top media houses do not run a clean business. As Advani said, there is difference between corruption, misuse of power and standard business practice. And, without these practices, a business cannot survive for long.

It is very common in India to appoint the people close to the owner as the directors in a company in order to avoid any tussle with outside partners. That helps the businesses function smoothly. It does not matter whether those people are the owner’s family members, relatives, close aides or employees. The question is that whether they are indulged in any corrupt practice or misused the power to exploit the rules.

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This is no secret that you have to take favours from the politicians to grow a business or industry in India. When you go to them for support, you have no choice but to accept the give-and-take formula. The way some media houses are going after Gadkari’s personal business interests without raking up many serious corruption issues, it gives credence to the allegations that there could be an attempt to divert the attention from some real issues such as 2G, Coalgate, Inflation, Fuel Price Hike and FDI in Retail.

The BJP has alleged that there is a conspiracy to shift the focus from UPA government’s “mismanagement” of economy and corruption and put the BJP in an embarassing position in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh by raking up an issue that is not associated with national interest. And, they have a valid point.

It would be interesting to see how long the media hype continues over Nitin Gadkari. A section within the BJP are gunning for his head. But senior leaders like Advani and Sushma Swaraj have come out in his support. The media has caused serious damage to the BJP by targeting Gadkari. The Congress should be pleased at this new development, which would work in their favour.

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  1. Vilayvanh says

    Excellent one. This reflects views of every Indian. People had been brain wheasd with freebies, liquor and bribe. Most think that immediate family of the leader should rule next. National Media acts like press office for Congress. India lags a neutral / right wing media which emphasize on true democracy and values that built our nation.India needs a tea party movement.

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