KV Singhdeo alleges “Poor Management” of ULBs in Odisha

Bhubaneswar, September 17: The President of the Odisha BJP, Shri Kanak Vardhan Singhdeo, who has returned from a state wide campaigning for the ensuing Urban Local Bodies poll, has today castigated the ruling BJD for its poor performance in the managing of local bodies.

KV-Singhdeo-BJPSinghdeo said, “The State government does not have any Comprehensive Development Plan in place for the urban bodies of the state. The Minister of Urban affairs has been changed four times. No concrete development and improvement has taken place in the municipalities of the State. In fact most of the work that were started, left incomplete or halfway”.

“Many of the cities are facing acute problems of water supply and sewerage due to these half implemented schemes and projects. The ULB’s are not getting 24 hours supply of clean drinking water. In Kesinga, the then Urban Development minister of BJP, 24 hours water supply was started by the party but with the BJD Government coming to power in 2010 the service was withdrawn”, he added.

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According to Mr. Singhdeo, the track record of the BJD-run bodies has been is dismal. “The few municipalities that were under the BJP had a good track record and were adjudged as the best run ones and were awarded by the State government. In 2009-10, Patnagarh Municipality, which was under the BJP, was judged as the best Municipality in the State. The same Municipality did a repeat performance the next year and was once again bestowed with the title”.

“Under the BJD, most of the municipalities are now in the hands of the contractor mafia. The work done is not people oriented, but only to fill the coffers of the officials and BJD party men. The BJD may have foreseen defeat in the coming polls, hence it has taken the route of browbeating by sheer muscle and money power along with the rampant use of official machinery, violating every rule in the book,” he alleged.

“There are many cases exposing the secret nexus between the ruling BJD and the Congress. Both are looting the people. At such a juncture BJP is the only option left for people that can only provide good governance. Developments in the BJP ruled States like Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, Punjab and Madhya Pradesh are open to all. Even the Odisha Government has signed MoU to follow the footstep of Ahmadabad Urban Development”, claimed KV Singhdeo while trying to woo the public.

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