Infosys Pay Hike revives Hopes in IT Industry


Even if it’s just a hike of 8 per cent on an average for Infosys employees, NR Narayana Murthy has taken a bold step on his return stint to boost the entire IT sector. With this unprecedented pay hike, Infosys leads the way and inspires other IT companies to look forward.

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InfosysAround 1.5 lakh employees of Infosys rejoice at this latest development and so do employees at other IT companies. The Infosys pay hike has revived their hopes for sure. Dubbed as one of India’s canniest entrepreneurs, Narayana Murthy is back with a bang.

Less than a fortnight after his return, Mr. Murthy announced the 8 per cent pay hike for all Indian employees, but for employees outside India, the increment will be just 3 per cent, with some riders. The move raised the morale of Infosys employees and enhanced Murthy’s reputation and standing in the market yet again. Employees at other IT companies also look at the Infosys with much respect and trust, which will work in the company’s favour in the long run.

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