Fall of Hosni Mubarak – Former Egyptian President


TNI Bureau: After ruling Egypt for 30 years, Hosni Mubarak finally met the dead end of his life, as he was sentenced to life for alleged genocide. Mubarak was charged with ordering troops to open fire at the protesters during the 2011 uprising in Egypt.

Over 850 protesters were butchered on the streets, as Mumbarak’s security forces went on a rampage. The protests and demonstrations at Tahrir Square finally forced Mubarak to relinquish power and face charges.

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The verdict to sentence 84-year-old Mubarak to life was pronounced at a jam-packed court today. Judge Ahmed Rifaat described Mubarak’s era as “30 years of darkness” and “a darkened nightmare”. “The Egyptians peacefully demanded democracy from rulers who held tight grip on power,” the judge said.

Mubarak, who always enjoyed power and amassed wealth using illegal means, owned USD 70 billion, when his reign came to an end. His sons Gamal and Alaa are also billionaires. Mubarak accepted the verdict without uttering a word. Perhaps, he knows that he will remain a hatred figure in the country forever.

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