Egypt’s Supreme Court dissolves Parliament


TNI Bureau: In a period of transition, a panel of judges appointed by Egypt’s ousted President Hosni Mubarak dissolved the Islamist-dominated parliament, throwing the democracy into grave.

The Supreme Court ruled that former prime minister is eligible for the presidential runoff election this weekend. The court’s order for dissolving the Parliament will allow the military and remnants of the old regime to block the Islamists from coming to power.

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The ruling is a huge blow to the fundamentalist Islamic Brotherhood and the decision was condemned as “full-fledged coup” by the Islamists, liberals and scholars. The court’s decision came two days before the Presidential polls, preventing the Islamists, who controlled the Parliament, to stay in power.

With the decision, the country is now has no Parliament, which a negative sign for the anti-Mubarak Islamists. The agitating public decided to hold a rally against former Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq, who was serving under Mubarak.

The move recalled the events when secular elites had cracked down on Islamists for electoral gains during a civil war 20 years ago.

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