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Car with 60 Kilometer per Liter!

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A new player in the Indian Automobile sector is shortly going to launch a car with an impressive 60 km/liter mileage, in the Indian Auto Market. As per our sources, the revolutionary vehicle is in making.

In this context ‘The News Insight’ (TNI) contacted the designer of the car who said that they have already done a test drive to check its (60 kmpl) mileage and once the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) issues the test drive certificate, they would introduce the vehicle.

“I have already presented my own designed car at the Auto Expo in 2010, held in Delhi and now taking orders from interested parties to make customized cars for them, exactly as per their dream and choice” – the designer said.

“Following launching of the 60km/liter vehicle in a couple of months, we will again concentrate on research and development to invent new, creative, fuel economic and Eco-friendly stylist bikes and luxurious cars, SUVs etc.  We will also offer paid internship to the students across the globe” – he further said.

When asked whether there actually a vehicle exists that offers extremely high speed as shown in the Hollywood movies ‘The Fast & Furious’ series, the designer said, “ Yes, it actually exists and if anybody would pay for it, we can make one for him. It is not a camera trick. But due to its super speed these vehicles should not be allowed in Indian roads, rather should be limited to the racing tracks for safety”.

It should be noted that so far there is no Car, SUV or even Micro car on the road (might be on the racing track, we are not sure) that gives a mileage of 60 km/liter. And when it comes to Indian roads, the probability drops further due to the bad road condition. In this circumstance, it looks completely unbelievable to witness any such car with a 60 km/liter mileage in near future. However, if this new player would really come up with this dream vehicle, India would certainly enjoy monopoly in the World Auto market in lieu of this car.

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