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Antony Retracts, blames Pak Army for LoC Killing


Just two days after he created a major uproar in India by his statement on the LoC killings, Defence Minister AK Antony retracted his remarks and blamed the Pakistan Army for the heinous killings of five jawans.

Martyr-JawansIt was not just a retraction by AK Antony as the Defence Minister. Rather, it was a defeat of the government, which had to bow before the public sentiments. Antony warned Pakistan not to take India for granted and said that specialist troops of Pakistan Army were involved in the attack.

Earlier, Antony had given Pakistan an escaping route by saying that terrorists in Pakistan Army uniform were involved in the attack. The Opposition BJP and media took up the issue to push the government to wall. Meanwhile, the martyr jawans have been cremated with full state honours at their respective native places.

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