12/12/12 – Once in Lifetime

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By Himanshu Guru: Today is December 12, 2012. In other format, it’s 12/12/12. The date holds much significance, as we won’t be able to see it again in our lifetime. We will have to wait another 100 years to witness the subsequent one of its kind. And believing human lifespan to be around 80 to 90 years in today’s time, it is almost certain for all of us that today’s date is the most precious one.

The placement of six ‘12’s’ is a moment which comes only once in 100 years. Today marks the twelfth day of the twelfth month, in the year 2012. If the day is not a lucky one for you, but still it certainly is a unique point of time.

Some enthusiastic parents were waiting for the charismatic moment to make their (caesarian) baby to take birth right at Even they were ready to pay any extra amount to the Surgery specialist to avail this unique opportunity.

Again, a number of couple was waiting to marry right at the delightful point of time. As per our report, some of them have got success, yet others are still happy, since at least they are marrying on today and their anniversary will always be remembered for its exclusivity. This was the last chance for the lovebirds to get hitched on such an easy-to-remember wedding date, which will grant them a unique anniversary date for ever.

Some businessmen are also initiating their venture today considering the day to be a lucky charm for them. It was an auspicious day to kick-start a new venture or sign a deal.

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Astrologer Bhuban Mohan Mishra from Balangir said, “Today’s thrilling day is exceptional not only from numerological angle, but also from astrological aspect. At 12 noon today, there will be a five planet combination of Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and the north node and the lagna is ‘Kumbha’ (Aquarius). Our country should take benefit in diplomacy as the north node is present in the above combination. In nutshell, this is an auspicious time”.

Padmalochan Mohapatra, Sub-editor of ‘Prameya’ said, “This incredible time will not come in our life again. So here is a line from me intended for the day .Jaane tame feribani gala pare….. (In Odia)”.

Cma Ananda Mohapatra from Sambalpur described the moment to be the beginning of a new era. He said, “This is the beginning of a new era and I wish people should live happily”.

Some people believe that this year’s six 12 was more important than last year’s six 11 as 12 is bigger and so more powerful. Last year we had crossed the day with six elevens. But next year will not come with any such combination.

Numerologists consider 12 as a “three” number because the digits add up to three and three is a very good number because it matches up with the largest planet, Jupiter, the giver of Wisdom and wealth.

Thus today’s one second that we passed right at 12 second, 12 minute, 12 hour at noon on 12th day of the 12th month in the year 12, is like one second out of a whole lifetime for its rareness to have all 12(s) at one point of time.

  1. Cma Ananda Mohapatra says

    12:12:12 Its the beginning os a new era, People live happily.

  2. Cma Ananda Mohapatra says

    12:12:12 Its the beginning of a new era, People live happily.

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