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Woman holds Own Heart after Transplant

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TNI Bureau: An unbelievable image surprised everyone that showed that a patient is holding her own heart after a successful transplant. The photo made its way around the world after it was uploaded on the woman’s friend’s photo-sharing site Imgur.

The image shows that the mask-wearing woman, who is the patient, identified as Penny. She is smiling in front of camera after holding her defective heart. She held her own heart in her hands after undergoing a surgery to replace it with a healthy heart.

However, it is unclear where the woman hails from and where she was operated.

Kelsey, who is the patient’s friend posted: “[Penny] is holding her own heart. She has survived cancer and crippling heart failure and never lost hope.”

She termed that her friend is a hero to her. She said that her friend held her heart as she was not allowed to take it home as per the hospital’s strict policy on transplants.

Her friend wanted to keep the defective heart with her. However, she was not allowed. She only kept the ashes of the heart after its cremation.

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