Voltas AC – Missing Case of Trust & Reliability


For long, Voltas has boasted of its Air Conditioners and related services. The company has a massive outreach across the country. ‘Power makes one complacent’. The same happens to Voltas these days. A Bhubaneswar-based Private Ltd. company has come up with serious complaints against the AC maker.

Voltas-AC“We have purchased around 15 ACs from Voltas in the last three years or so. The service was good till 2012-end. But, suddenly, it has gone down. We can see that new ACs are developing fault, which was not a case earlier. We had asked for a Swing Louver replacement for an AC in May 2013. Despite several calls to the Service Centre and a series of communications with the Voltas India customer service staff, we haven’t yet received it. One guy says it was out of stock. It is incredible to see that their manufacturing and service divisions are in a complete mess. If we are getting a bad deal despite being a loyal customer for years, just imagine how they treat others,” said Sandip Tripathy, Manager of the Company, which lodged the complaint.

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In the first place, the Swing Louver should not have become faulty in a short period of time. And, if it did, it was the responsibility of Voltas to replace it immediately. But, they failed miserably on both occasions, raising serious questions on their efficiency and high claims.

This is not the one-off complaint against Voltas. We have received numerous complaints against the AC maker in terms of leakage, faulty products and poor customer service. We are investigating the matter further and will come up with more startling revelations in the day to come. We request people to lodge their complaint with us if they have any. The News Insight will try its best to highlight their concerns.

Latest Update: Soon after The News Insight took up the matter, the Voltas authorities swung into action, showed urgency and replaced the Swing Louver within 48 hours. Here the question remains, why the customer had to raise the issue in the media to get things right. Voltas should have an answer.

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