Vice President Hamid Ansari seeks end to Gender Bias

Vice President Dr. Hamid Ansari could be lauded for his noble idea – women empowerment. He impressed thousands of students and statesmen during his two-day visit to Odisha delivering his speech at Shailabala Women’s College in Cuttack yesterday.

Addressing at the inauguration ceremony of the centenary celebrations of the college, Dr. Ansari asked for a collective action to end gender inequality.

He said that no social progress is possible without women, who are still neglected and tortured by the men in the modern society. He described gender disparity as a social harm, for which society should correct itself to fight the evil.

The sexual violence against women is a major challenge for which concrete steps are required to end gender disparity. He said that women have been guaranteed equal rights as citizens of the country under the Constitution of India, but the same is not maintained in practice.

India can be seen as a state where gender inequality is hugely prevalent. It can be estimated from the 2011 statistics which shows that India ranked 129 out of 149 countries in gender inequality index.

“If we aim to become a progressive and prosperous country then attainment of gender parity through elimination of discrimination against women is a necessary condition,” he said.

Dr Ansari also pointed towards the rising pace of violence against women. Data from National Crime Records Bureau indicated that the total number of crime against women has increased by 29.6% between 2006 and 2010. The 2005-06 National Family Health Survey also reported that one-third of women aged 15 to 49 had experienced physical violence, and approximately one in 10 had been a victim of sexual violence. In this circumstance, end of gender bias should be taken up immediately by the members of civil society to provide justice to women – he urged.

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