Thought of BJD-BJP Tie-up in Assembly Polls defies Logic

Politics is strange and weird. Anything can happen at any moment. However, any alliance between BJP and BJD in Odisha Assembly Polls, defies the logic, common sense as well as public sentiments.

Any tie-up in Lok Sabha Polls, will still be acceptable as BJD has been with the Modi Govt through thick and thin over the last few years. They, in fact, inched closer to the Centre in a phased manner.

Since both Lok Sabha and Assembly polls are being held simultaneously in Odisha, it’s very difficult to have an alliance between bitter rivals (No. 1 and No. 2 parties) and face the public and Karyakartas who have been fighting against each other for decades.

What top leaders in BJP and BJP want, is a different matter. But, in the ground in Odisha, there is anger, bitterness, hatred and severe resentment against each other when it comes to equations between BJP and BJD.

The Odisha BJP, in no way wants to have any trucks with VK Pandian against whom they had launched a bitter campaign and inducted his harsh critics into the party fold too.

People of Odisha want a strong opposition. They want a voice which can work for them. Since Congress is in a bad state in Odisha, things will go from bad to worse if the main opposition party joins hands with the ruling party.

Some political analysts have still pinned hopes on PM Modi and CM Naveen Patnaik to reach out a formula and seal the deal, which looks very unlikely at this juncture.

There is no scope to score brownie points or take a dig at anyone. In the bigger political battle, our role is very limited. We can neither confirm nor rule out anything in politics.

Last Word: Let’s Wait & Watch.

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